Two years ago Stella was on a run through Edgewood Park in New Haven. She saw that the city had cut down several oaks along the trail. When an idea gets into her head she works hard to make it a reality. The idea was oak rounds. We don't own a chainsaw, and I wasn't interested in hand sawing that much oak. Undeterred, Stella eventually found out our friend Eric has a chainsaw and is willing to help out with almost anything (no joke, he and his wife Carrie have housed us for the last month while we are getting settled). 

The rounds sat in our house for a year curing. In that time we moved into a house that needed a lot of work. While I was getting the house in shape for us to live in, Stella took some time to travel the southwest. It was already hard on us being away from each other, but the stress of the move and fixing up the house made things even harder. As a "welcome home/I'm sorry for the mess we're in" gift, I made Stella a table from one of the rounds.

One of the major changes I want to make in life here is that I want to work with my hands. I spent the last two plus years tied to my desk doing work I believe is important, but I don't want to live like that. Sitting at my computer writing the hundredth email of the day, I started daydreaming about things I wanted to build. I keep a notebook where I've been drawing rough sketches of these daydreams.

This table is my first, humble offering in my new maker life. I've set up a store here where anyone can buy one. It's a small start, but it is a start.